If being in a car accident wasn’t bad enough, chances are you’re dealing with the repercussions for much longer than it takes to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, auto accidents cannot be resolved as soon as the wreckage is cleared. There’s the challenge of determining fault, property damage, and medical bills if such injuries were sustained. While it seems like you can handle everything, don’t be afraid to lean on a personal injury lawyer to help mitigate the phone calls, paperwork and ensure you’re being treated fairly. Life in Houston, TX can be very busy. You attend to yourself; we’ll take care of the rest.


Beyond The Accident Scene

Through the wreckage and debris, you gather that you’re able to walk away, but you have injuries. Maybe it’s more unfortunate, and you had to be taken to the hospital to treat injuries. Either way you’ll contact your medical insurance to compensate for sustained injuries. If the accident was not your fault, you will have to communicate with the other party’s insurance. Over time, This can get messy when stories are told differently and companies are stingy with claim benefits. Gordon Law’s personal injury attorney will ensure you are receiving the proper treatment and benefits.


Beyond The Car

Car accidents are, well, accidents. This unintentional act means you generally aren’t prepared to shell out the extra change for repairs or even a new car. Just as with the medical compensation, communication with different car insurance companies can be tedious and unfair. While you take the time to find yourself a replacement vehicle or excellent mechanic around Houston to fix up your car, your lawyer can work with the insurance companies to ensure you are receiving the highest quality treatment for your claim.
Personal Injury Law is a favorite for us at Gordon Law Firm because we enjoy finding justice for those who have been injured in a negligent situation. You shouldn’t have to suffer continual difficulties due to other parties when you’re dealing with the accident alone.