How do I pay for my attorney?

At The Gordon Law Firm, we charge our clients a contingency fee for personal injury cases. This means there are no up-front attorney’s fees or expenses paid by you.

What is a contingency fee?

With a contingency fee, you will only pay The Gordon Law Firm if we are able to negotiate a monetary settlement or win a judgment on your behalf. If you receive no money from the party responsible for your accident or injuries, then our firm collects no fee. If you win, you’ll also be responsible for any expenses our firm has incurred in preparing your case. Our firm will waive the expenses if the case is lost.

Are contingency fees based on a percentage from my final judgment?

Yes. Contingency fees are most commonly charged as a percentage of any money you are awarded. The exact percentage will vary from case to case. Typically personal injury lawyers charge between 30-40% percent.

What extra expenses may be deducted from my final settlement?

As our firm diligently works on your case, costs will be incurred that we will pay for out of pocket. Every case is different, so expenses incurred will range from case to case. Examples of possible expenses include:

• Copies of records and reports, like medical records and police reports;
• Copying, fax and other office expenses;
• Legal research costs;
• Court costs, such as filing and deposition fees; and
• Fees for investigators and expert witnesses.

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The Gordon Law Firm also practices other forms of law where an hourly billing rate may be used

What is an hourly billing rate?

With an hourly billing rate, you will pay our firm for every hour that we work on your case, regardless of whether you win or lose. You are also responsible for reimbursing our firm for any expenses incurred.

Why are hourly fees not common in personal injury cases?

Hourly billing rates are far less common than contingency fees in personal injury lawsuits. They are less popular because they require injury victims to pay up-front, at a time when monetary resources may be limited.

What types of cases may be taken on using an hourly billing rate?

Cases dealing with:
• Financial Litigation
• Business and Commercial Litigation
• Contract and Business Law