Settling bad faith insurance disputes by Gordon Law Firm in Houston, TX.







Many insurance companies are self-interested and become very stingy when it comes to paying out claims. When it comes time for you to receive your settlement, you should never rest satisfied with an unfair offer. Further, you should never attempt to go up against an insurance company on your own.

Have you recently had a bad run with your insurance company or someone else’s? It’s wise to hire an insurance lawyer if:

  • Your insurance company refuses to pay you an insurance claim.
  • Your insurance company denies payment on your claim or an insufficient amount is offered.
  • Your insurance company breaks the contract in which you are both a part.

As insurance companies work day to day, they receive claim after claim of people just like you trying to cash in on the benefits in which have been agreed upon earlier. Many companies do not care about the insured personnel as much as making a profit for the business. Therefore, the insurance company can pay out a claim for less than what is deserved merely hoping the insured does not dispute, thus giving it the name Bad Faith Insurance. Unfortunately, most people that deserve a higher benefit settle for anything received as it is “better than nothing.” This allows the insurance company to walk away with profit that should be in your pocket. Don’t let this be you.

With Gordon Law Firm on your side, we promise to find justice with these insurance companies. We believe in justice, which is why we’ll be on your side during an insurance dispute.