Gordon Law Firm offers professional business lawyers to uphold contract law in Houston, TX.

Tortious interference is the direct, intentional interference of a business and contract relationship. Under common tort law, there are two distinctions of tortious interference: one that involves the direct contract regardless of business relationship, and another directly affects the business relationship without necessarily having a contract. Here at Gordon Law Firm, we focus on the first – interference with an existing business contract.

In conjunction with our contract law practice, we tackle tortious interference with justice at the forefront.

Let’s break this down. Tort law is a wrongful act by the defendant against the plaintiff that causes damage and loss that results in the defendant being held liable by the law. Tortious interference is applicable when a contract is present.

For example, the said plaintiff and defendant were previously in a business contract for marketing services. The plaintiff is the marketing company and the defendant is the service wanting to advertise. The two parties sign a contract that states the defendant will use the plaintiff for all marketing services. Then, the defendant hires another marketing company on the side to perform the services stated in the previous contract. The defendant does not pay the plaintiff since he paid the third party company. The defendant committed tortious interference by intentionally seeking other services outside of the contracted business relationship. By not paying the plaintiff for contracted services, the plaintiff lost business.

In this case, Gordon Law can help the plaintiff gain benefits back from lost revenue and business damages among other things. With the help of a professional business lawyer right here in Houston, you can hold people accountable for their contracted word to keep businesses growing strong.