While we never enjoy working on wrongful death claims, it is our honor here at Gordon Law Firm to bring justice to the survivors of the dead.

If your loved one has died at the negligence, misconduct, wrongful act, default, skill-less actions, or carelessness of another, then you may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the necessary party. Any surviving parents, spouse or adult children of the deceased may file the lawsuit. In Houston and all of Texas, any of the parties listed above may file the claim as a group or individually. Homicide and wrongful death have many similar legal characteristics, yet the filing process is one that differs between the two. In a homicide, the defense attorney may file the claim whereas the wrongful death claim must be filed by family.

After three months, if parents, spouse or children do not file the claim, the deceased’s estate representative may file the claim, that is if the family does not request a wrongful death claim not be made at all. The ultimate statute of limitations regarding a wrongful death case is two years.

Unfortunately, the state of Texas does not legally allow siblings to file wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of fellow siblings.

Wrongful Death Settlements

Damages are paid to the surviving family members for a variety of reasons, most of which revolve around the loss of income from the deceased. Damages are paid to recompense:Gordon Law Firm upholds the law with honest, dependable, justice-seeking personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX.

  • Lost income
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost care and support the deceased would have given
  • Mental, emotional, pain & other psychological damage
  • Lost companionship

Gordon Law Firm is always on your side which is why we strive to get you the benefits you deserve from having your loved one taken away from you too soon.