Hedge Fund

A hedge fund is a way of investing through a financial manager. The manager, usually a limited liability partnership or company, accrues money through investors hoping for a significant increase in capital. The investor seeks creditors to invest in their partnership’s investments and then spends that money on behalf of the creditor. The partnership typically charges a fee based on earnings. This style of investing is popular for the financial manager because when funds are lost, they cannot be held accountable for more money than the creditor originally put into the hedge fund.

Here at Gordon Law Firm, we do the back work to ensure you and your finances are protected. Whether you are in the midst of an enormous investment process that is getting sticky or just starting out looking for some advice on hedge fund formation, rules and regulations, you will work with a financial lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in hedge fund litigation.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is a broad area of crime. Fraud is a civil law violation. Financial fraud is generally described as an intentional financial wrongdoing at the malicious, deceptive hand of another searching for personal gain. In conjunction with the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, Gordon Law Firm strives to defend the honorable, justice-seeking clients against the greedy. The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force was established by President Obama in an effort to avoid another financial crisis as that of 2008. It puts responsibility on the national, state and local levels to work hard to fight financial crimes and schemes at all levels. We are helping do our part on behalf of Houston, TX.

Remember, if you’re the victim of a financial crime, a lawyer will help you through the diligent, maybe tedious, process to bring justice.