Contract Law

A contract is defined as an agreement between two or more persons that meets all of these conditions:

  • A detailed offer that is mutually understood;
  • A mutual acceptance of the offer;
  • Both parties are able to make such an agreement;
  • Both parties intend to fulfill their part of the contract; and
  • The terms and conditions are legal.

While there are many kinds of contracts, they all must contain these conditions in order to be legally enforceable. Hiring a business lawyer who specializes in contract law may be your key to getting the compensation you deserve. At the Gordon Law Firm, we do everything we can in order to work with you, understand your contract, your needs, any alleged breaches, and more so that we can better serve you and your case.  Years of experience helping people just like you has led us to become the reliable and efficient business lawyers you’ve been searching for in order to provide you with trusted contract negotiation services, contract drafting services, and contract reviews. Contact us to learn more about contract law today.

Business Law

In business, you make contractual agreements almost daily. Make sure you have a lawyer who is experienced, passionate, and ready to help you make the most from your agreements while doing their best to secure you against any breach of contract or litigation.

Unfortunately, business litigation is one of the most complex series of legal stipulations for a single entity. Involving real estate law, employment law, intellectual property law, and so much more, business law’s depth and intricacy means that it can only be handled successfully, or competently, by a business lawyer with years of experience. If things get sticky, you’ll want Gordon Law Firm’s experienced business litigation attorneys on your side. Contact us today and get the contract and business law counsel you need for: