In this day and age of seemingly unlimited access to online platforms and business marketing, one bad review can say enough to crush the success a business has built from the ground. Commercial disparagement is publishing false, malevolent, and even injurious information about a business, owner, or property with the intention of removing attention from the business. The key here is the information must be false.

When a business is faced with a disparagement claim, hiring a corporate lawyer can help defend the truthful practices which are being attacked. In opposition, if a business files a lawsuit against you as an attacker, a business attorney can help find the truth in the situation. For example, if you are a critic for a restaurant, and you write a bad review, you must be able to justify the truth in your review as the restaurant running poorly. You commit business disparagement the moment you personally attack the business without reason or support in hopes of causing failure.

Commercial and Business Disparagement are one in the same. Disparagement cases against the business typically include the following characteristics:Work together to defeat injustice with a business attorney from Gordon Law Firm in Houston, TX.

  • A false statement is published
  • The publisher is writing malevolently
  • The publisher wants the business to result in a financial loss due to the statement
  • The business actually results in a financial loss

Damages are paid out to the disparagement cases based on various losses caused by the statement. Each case is dependent and unique, but the solvent in business disparagement cases is simple: truth.  Gordon Law Firm believes in justice, so it is our mission to seek the truth and bring it to the case.