Seek justice with a personal injury attorney from Gordon Law Firm on your side in Houston, TX.

The last thing you expect when you purchase something is for it to be so defective it causes you personal injury. That’s not supposed to happen. Seek help from a personal injury attorney if you, or someone you know, has been affected by a faulty product. This can include physical injury, property damage or even death. There are several levels of responsibility with product liability. The manufacturer has a responsibility to create a safe, effective product. The seller has a responsibility not to interfere with the product and thus causing damages. The user has a responsibility to use the product according to stated directions and warnings.

Despite these responsibility regulations, errors sneak through and damages occur. Whether it’s a defective design, an unsafe product from the start, or a non-compliant to standards product, a stance must be taken against this faulty item.

The product does not have to be something you purchase from the store to give your children to play with outside. It can be medicine, a firearm, ammunition, food, etc. The list goes on and on. Gordon Law Firm offers a free initial consultation – call today to discuss your unique circumstance with product liability.

Our mission is to find justice. We believe that with product liability law and throughout our entire practice, justice deserves to win. Therefore, in the case of a defective product that brought you injury, we will work against those large companies that will fight hard to win your claim. These companies or commercial entities can walk all over you if you attempt this claim on your own. By working together with Gordon Law, you receive a fair fight against the company’s legal resources to hold the company liable for selling a faulty product. By working together against this dangerous product, you are fighting for the benefits you deserve as well as saving future consumers everywhere.