Entertainment law in the 21st Century is more prevalent now than ever. Covering all types of media (TV, music, film, literature, news, etc.), artists everywhere are protected under the law. Whether it is through contracts between movie producers and actors or the right of a journalist to report the truth, entertainment lawyers seek to protect artists being challenged in Houston and throughout the nation.

       Although different forms of entertainment and media are extremely diverse, entertainment law can be broken down into two main areas: transactions and                      litigation. At The Gordon Law Firm we focus on the transactional side of entertainment law. 

      At the Gordon Law Firm we ensure that each clients’ entertainment contract/agreement is in their best interest and that they have all proper documentation                   needed for a successful entertainment contract. Examples of such agreements include but are not limited to:

  • Movie, Film and Television Agreements
  • Music Agreements
  • Entertainment unions and guilds
  • Entertainment joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Distribution agreements
  • Production agreements
  • Commerical, Marketing and Advertising agreements
  • Talent agreements and releases
  • Commission contracts

      We understand the unique challenges facing those working in the entertainment; media and sports industries and work hard to make sure that all of our clients             have the best legal help with all of their transactional needs.