Business Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practice Act ViolationsStay honest with business tort law from Gordon Law Firm in Houston, TX.

Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Law is our state’s version of the widely popular Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act which prevents producers or businesses from false advertising or bait-and-switch marketing schemes.

Deception is everywhere. It is not limited to one industry or one type of market. Anyone can advertise one thing and give another. Let’s look at a few (fictional, yet applicable) examples.

As the construction of Houston’s new Capitol Tower continues, contracting companies are constantly bidding on the next step. In an effort to win the project, a contractor may submit a price lower than market value, skimp on labor costs or fudge the needed materials to present the lowest price. Then, when it comes time to construct, this said contractor will actually charge more money to the owner for the needed value. The owner was under the impression the service would cost a certain amount, but then was victim to a bait-and-switch and was forced to pay more money.

In this scenario, Gordon Law Firm provides a business attorney on behalf of the owner to submit a lawsuit against the contractor for falsifying service prices and deceptive product advertising.

Scenario two takes us to a car dealership. With oil prices skyrocketing in the past few years, one of the top focuses for consumers these days is gas mileage. The dealership sells you on the fact that your dream car gets 45 miles-per-gallon! What a deal. Then, after a few tank fill-ups, you realize you’re only averaging 30 miles-per-gallon. This false advertising is illegal under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Law, and Gordon Law Firm will fight for your benefit against the car dealership.

When it comes to fighting against the dishonest business, Gordon Law Firm is the lawyer for you.