Serious bodily injury litigation can be pursued in Houston, TX when your injury is severe enough to cause near death or death, permanent bodily disfigurement, or impairment or loss of bodily function. Serious bodily injury is generally an effect cited under the Texas Penal Code which was created for the protection of citizens against other persons.

From assault to auto accident, the list of acts that cause serious bodily injury is exhaustive, so for the sake of brevity, it is best to understand that Gordon Law Firm applies all efforts to your case assuming serious bodily injury is the end result. In other words, there is a myriad of ways a person can become seriously injured as stated above. However, the level of injury must be severe. If the injury does not result in death, it generally must change the course of the victim’s life, either physically or mentally.A personal injury attorney from Gordon Law Firm can help with your auto accident in Houston, TX.

Like many personal injury law cases in Texas, Gordon Law Firm is here to help those that have been wronged. Whether it is you or a loved one suffering from an injury that has caused severe trauma, trust that the personal injury attorneys at Gordon are seeking justice. It is our mission to use the law to find the truth. No person deserves to have his or her life threatened at the hands of another. We hold justice as our top priority because we believe, alongside the Texas Penal Code, that the protection of citizens at the hand of another is most important.

Due to the severity and complexity of personal injury law claims, Gordon Law Firm offers a free legal consultation to those in Houston. Call us today to start fighting for your justice.