Discussing a breach of contract with Gordon Law Firm in Houston, TX.

Contract law is a Common law in which decisions are made through small courts as opposed to statutes of legislation through the executive branch. This means each breach of contract case is unique and individual.

A contract is a legal agreement binding one person’s word to another. Whether this is through accepting an offer, a treat invitation or an implication-in-fact. Each contract specifies responsibilities for each party that must be upheld. When these are not met to standard, it is considered a breach of contract, which is in fact illegal. It does not have to be a contract of person to person; it can be a contract of goods, entities or merchants.

In contract law, there are various levels of breach which is why you need Gordon Law Firm to aid as your contract lawyer for any disputes. Whether it is a minor breach such as a partial performance or a major breach such as not following a specified condition, Gordon Law will help you find the justice you deserve.

Some examples of a breach of contract in business include:

  • Late delivery of goods or services
  • Failure to deliver goods or services or delivery of incorrect goods
  • Delivery of damaged goods
  • Exposing trade secrets

As said before, each breach of contract is a unique case, so while the above are a good example, there are many more ways a contract may be breached.

Ultimately, to remedy a breach of contract in the law, the victim is typically given compensation for the monetary damages, whether this is to compensate for the lost profit, goods or services that would have been fulfilled had the contract been followed. The breaching party of the contract will pay the damages to the holding party.

It is necessary for you to have a contract lawyer on your team as soon as beginning negotiations for a contract. Contact us for a free contract law consultation.