Stay honest with business tort law from Gordon Law Firm in Houston, TX.

Tort is a civil wrongdoing of common law. It is when someone causes a dishonest act, suffering or harm to another that results in legal action upon the wrongdoer, commonly called a tortfeasor.

Tort infringement of the law can include (but is not limited to):

  • assault
  • auto accident
  • battery
  • conspiracy
  • copyright infringement
  • defamation
  • economic injury
  • emotional injury
  • environmental pollution
  • false imprisonment
  • fraud
  • intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • physical injury
  • privacy violation
  • product liability
  • trade restraint
  • trespassing

Many cases of tort law are due to negligence; however, there are some cases of intentional tort in which one party directly aims to harm the other.

Business tort typically revolves around economic injury dealing with transactions, contract, fraud or misrepresentation. Each case involving tort has the business’ trade at the center. The protection of your business is our first priority, which is why we are dedicated to bringing justice to those who have done wrong.

Tort law is in effect to encourage fairness and justice in our capital economy. For example, the cartels that utilize brute, violence and thrive on fraud destroy the integrity of our economy by working in the black market. Tort law enforces guidelines and boundaries in which businesses operate. By successfully following these laws, the economy thrives due to healthy competition and effective trade practices.

If you or your business has experienced any of these inflictions on the common tort law, contact a business lawyer from Gordon Law Firm for a free consultation regarding your case.