Is it too wrong to expect that a product you purchase works correctly? It’s bad enough if you buy the latest and greatest new toy and it doesn’t work – how disappointing. But what if you buy a product and then you actually get hurt because of it? Talk about unexpected. Follow these three steps if you’ve been the victim of the last scenario: talk to your doctor, research product recalls, contact your personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX.


Talk To Your Doctor

The first priority is to stop reading this blog and talk to your doctor!


Now that you’ve gotten off the phone or back from your visit, hopefully you have good steps to ensure your health remains in tact and up to par. Even if it doesn’t appear to be an emergency, have your doctor verify just to ensure your safety. Be sure to get a record of your doctor visit in case you need to go to court.


Research Product Recalls

Unless it is something absolutely life changing for the company or user, chances are product recalls are not advertised. It’s bad press for the company, so most don’t usually market that information; however, the information will be available if you look in the right places. Start by calling the company’s customer service number and asking directly.


Talk To Your Top Rated Local® Trial Attorney

Call us here at Gordon Law Firm for a free initial consultation regarding this personal injury law case. You deserve a lawyer that will fight for you against the monstrous corporations or small mom & pop shops that are giving faulty products.
Whether you were harmed or not, products must be held liable to protect you, the company and future customers as well.