Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, our nation has a strict standard of drugs and medicine that are legally allowed to be distributed and consumed by the general public. The FDA holds pharmaceutical production companies to standards for consumer’s safety and well-being. With the help of Gordon Law Firm’s personal injury attorney power, a patron can file a pharmaceutical claim in three occasions.


Defectively Manufactured

Pharmaceutical drugs require a high level of chemical understanding to properly combine the correct elements to produce a result that cures ailments and injuries. Whether the production company purposefully altered the drugs or they became accidentally tainted, the product is defective. In addition, the product can be deemed defective if it is damaged during transport or labeling; essentially any time during the time it is created until it is in your hand, the pharmaceutical drug can be deemed defective.

Dangerous Side Effects

Many of you are probably familiar with the many potential side effects of pharmaceutical drugs thanks to the fast-talking spokesperson at the end of commercials. These are side effects the company and FDA are aware of, but determined not to be life threatening thus allowing the sale. However, there is the chance that the dangerous side effects take longer to develop and can arise after a while of marketing. Gordon Law Firm will help you determine if the manufacturing company was aware of the side effect prior to marketing; if this appears to be true, you have more of a chance of winning a settlement in a pharmaceutical liability lawsuit.

Poor Pharmaceutical Marketing

We aren’t talking about a boring advertisement campaign, but rather the lack of warnings, labels and instructions of the drug itself. Failing to alert the consumer to the ingredients or warnings of the product before consumption is unsafe and is cause for lawsuit regarding poor pharmaceutical marketing.
If you or someone you know has been affected through physical or psychological pain on behalf of a pharmaceutical drug, you are liable to file a lawsuit in partnership with Gordon Law Firm. Call for more information, or click on the respective links if you’d like to read more about medical malpractice or product liability.